You have a passion for great food done right. We have a creative, fun solution to kick up your trusty (but maybe dull) recipe! The MadChef kits are a celebration of perfection, with enough recipes and ingredients to help you nail your favorite BBQ style or experiment with a range of styles, and the Fanatic Packs in every kit help you boost the flavor, your way. For everything from mild to blazing hot, from sweet to tangy, you’ll find and perfect your favorite MadChef taste in no time! The apron, hat, and koozy included in your MadChef kit will help you announce to your crew that you’re the MadChef behind the best barbecue they ever tasted. If you dig this, keep your eyeballs open. There’s more to come! 

Product Reviews

This is simply the best DIY BBQ Sauce kit on the market. The recipes taste amazing just as they are written, or you can have some fun and spice things up a little bit with the fanatic pack. I bought this for my brother-in law, but after I opened it up to see what was inside I had to try it for myself. My husband and I had a blast creating our own secret recipes. You don’t really have to use the little condiment fanatic packs, but they sure did come in handy since I didn’t have any honey on hand, or Sriracha. Those two extras made my KC BBQ Sauce the perfect mixture of Sweet and Spicy. I would have never thought of adding honey! What a great idea, but I can’t give all my BBQ recipe secrets away! :) And my brother will have to wait til his b-day this spring to get his kit! Ha :)
— Jason D
Love this kit! I got this as a gift for my husband as he loves grilling. We had a few friends over and tried a couple of the different recipes - KC & Carolina. They kept commenting on how good everything was! We put it on chicken before grilling, then we dipped our chicken too just to enjoy it more.
It was easy to put the recipestogether, and my husband liked the BBQ base that was included. Plus there were a few fun extras in the box for your party. We also discussed how it would be simple and fun to make with our kids next time. We still have plenty for our next get-together with friends too!
Definitely recommend this Mad Chef Kit!
— Jamie S
Wow! what a great time. Everyone took a stab at their own mix. The kit got us started and then we started mixing in our own spices. It got a little crazy but everyone fun!.
— Samantha R
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